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A small habitable masterpiece in an exceptional setting.

A house like this transcends its practical function and becomes a reflection of the aspirations, experiences, and emotions of its inhabitants. Every aspect of it takes on deep and symbolic meaning that connects with the individual's mind and their relationship with space.

The house, located in a cooperative residential complex built in 1984, stands as an architectural and emotional testament. The vast central communal garden with a swimming pool allows for gatherings, if desired. The house itself, one of the four dwellings at the corners of the rectangle, represents individuality within the collective, reminding how each individual is a part of a whole but also possesses their uniqueness.

The morphology of the house, with its attached sides and setback from the street, highlights the duality between the public and the private. The two facades, one facing the protected common area and the other facing the private outdoor space, embody the dichotomy between the inner and outer worlds. The front garden and separating wall underline the boundary with the outside world, inspiring a sense of protection and belonging.

The small interior courtyard, the heart of the house, reflects the individual's relationship with time and nature. The arrangement of rooms around this courtyard captures the movement of the sun and seasons, connecting the life of the house with natural cycles. The private garden adds another layer of meaning, providing spaces for tranquility and reflection, including a Zen garden that invites meditation.

The layout of the living spaces based on usage gives a sense of life and evolution to the house; we can say it is a "living" house. The asymmetry of the spaces despite its symmetrical geometry adds a touch of vitality and authenticity. This dynamic reflects how the activities and needs of the inhabitants shape the house rather than being tied to a static design.

The ground floor accommodates rooms, sitting areas, a double-height living room, and a dining room, each with its own personality. The studio/library that embraces the light and silence of the interior courtyard connects the mind with space and time. The upper floor becomes a personal sanctuary. From the studio/library, through the single bedroom with its bathroom, to the master suite with its dressing area, anteroom, bathroom with a sauna, and terraces, each space invites introspection and well-being.

From a technical standpoint, the house features zoned heating and air conditioning. It has also been equipped with a water purification system that maintains a constant pressure, unaffected by the simultaneous opening of taps. Being a house designed by and for the interested parties themselves, the quality is optimal, from the wooden carpentry to the foundations, constituting a notable exception that sets it apart from other dwellings one might compare it to.

Perhaps, as G. Bachelard would say, this house becomes an intimate space where memory, imagination, and emotions intertwine, shaping a place that is not just a dwelling but a reflection of the inner life of those who inhabit it.

The cloister of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria, a tranquil and serene space where monks used to meditate and pray, located just steps away from this exceptional residence, surely served as a source of inspiration for creating this complex. Founded in the year 1237 by King James I of Aragon after the conquest of Valencia, the Monastery stands in a place of great strategic and religious importance. For centuries, it played a fundamental role in defending the Valencian coast and protecting the city of Valencia from enemy attacks from the sea. Its architecture reflects a Valencian Gothic style with Cistercian and Mediterranean influences.

Strategically located between the vibrant cities of Valencia and Sagunto, El Puig offers the best of both worlds. Just minutes away, you can access the bustling cultural and economic energy of Valencia, with its attractions, festivals, and professional opportunities. On the other hand, Sagunto offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the region's history, with its impressive archaeological heritage and historical charm, as well as in the growing economic activity of the industrial hub of Puerto de Sagunto.

If providing your children with an exceptional education is a priority, you'll be pleased to know that El Puig and its surroundings are home to some of the best private schools in the area. Here, your children will receive a quality education in a safe and enriching environment, preparing them for a bright future.

Surface - Rooms

  • Surface: 440 m²
  • Groos floor area: 380 m²
  • Terrace: 72 m²
  • Garden: 450 m²
  • Land: 924 m²
  • Rooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 3

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  • Energy rating: In process

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