Panoramic House, Inspired by Nature and the Cosmos

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Beyond a House: A Life Concept Inspired by Nature and the Cosmos

The design of this extraordinary home emerged from the visionary mind of a Valencian entrepreneur and dreamer, seeking to manifest his rich inner world into a living space for himself and his family.

With groundbreaking ideas for its time, this man, fueled by a deep passion for nature and the cosmos, embarked on the construction of this housein the mid-1960s, nestled in the Sierra Calderona, aligned with the sun and celestial bodies. Shaped like a semicircle, the interior seemingly extends infinitely into the landscape, offering an eternal panoramic view through massive windows that blur the lines between inside and out, as if the landscape were the fourth wall of its concentric rooms. The structure combines concrete, iron, and brick, with ornate wrought-iron elements gracing the large circular windows in the semi-basement.

The building, conceived as concentric semicircles, rises across four levels. The lowest is the semi-basement, housing two independent garages, a service room, and a vast open space. From here, one accesses the main floor.

The main floor, reached from the outside by two symmetrical staircases on the north wall, opens onto a circular terrace. This level hosts the main living room, dining area, kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Walls radiate outwards, and a nearly three-meter-wide terrace encircles all rooms. Here, the remarkable helical staircase emerges, spiraling upwards like a bird's wing ready to take flight, nestled within a space framed by opposing circular arches, creating an abstract eye-like form.

The first floor mirrors its predecessor but adds more partitioned spaces, utilizing radial walls originating from the circle's center, resulting in four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large central living room with a fireplace, all rigorously symmetrical. The surrounding terrace repeats on this level.

At the top floor, a unique space awaits—a kind of observatory-like room resembling an airport control tower, providing access to the upper terrace, allowing you to embrace both the terrestrial landscape and the sky with your gaze and soul.

As evident, this building is teeming with symbolism. It's challenging to put into words the sense of well-being and harmony that envelops you while within its walls. Despite the trials and tribulations this property has endured over the decades, from its premature creator's departure to its transformation into a landmark of Valencia's vibrant 80s scene and its subsequent closure and partial devastation, today, rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, it stands amidst a global crisis, environmental imbalance, and societal unrest. It has the potential to become a refuge in harmony with nature and an exemplar of a bioclimatic building. Thanks to its southern orientation and design features, it can maintain suitable temperatures year-round, potentially becoming energy self-sufficient and seamlessly blending with the landscape.

With extraordinary versatility, the building's design allows for the adaptation of its original concept as a home into a hotel, restaurant, corporate headquarters, or therapeutic center.

Spanning over 4,600 square meters of land and the unique opportunity to acquire nearly two and a half hectares of pine forested parcels facing the house, this property opens up myriad possibilities for those seeking to keep the visionary creator's brilliant vision alive.

1. **Inspired and Symbolic Design**: The house's design, shaped like a semicircle and oriented toward nature and the cosmos, reflects a deep connection to spirituality and the natural world. Symbolic elements like the helical staircase and observatory room add an extra layer of meaning and beauty to the space.

2. **Unique History**: The property's history, from its inception as a personal project to its transformation into an iconic 80s bar, adds a fascinating layer to its past.

3. **Sustainability Potential**: Its south-facing orientation and bioclimatic design offer opportunities to create an energy-efficient home with comfortable temperatures year-round—a compelling feature in an era where sustainability and energy efficiency are paramount.

4. **Versatility of Use**: The property's adaptability for conversion into a hotel, restaurant, corporate headquarters, or therapeutic center expands opportunities for future owners or investors, making it a versatile investment.

5. **Ample Additional Land**: The option to acquire over two and a half hectares of pine forested parcels facing the house provides additional space for expansion, development, or conservation of the surrounding nature.

Surface - Rooms

  • Surface: 764 m²
  • Groos floor area: 764 m²
  • Terrace: 297 m²
  • Land: 4686 m²
  • Rooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 3

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  • Energy rating: Exempt

  • Views:
  • Orientation: South
  • Garage
  • Hearth


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