Unique investment opportunity with unparalleled profitability

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Truly, this property represents a unique investment opportunity with unparalleled profitability that a true entrepreneur like yourself won't let slip away.

Situated in the idyllic enclave of Estivella, at the foot of the Sierra Calderona, just 32 kilometers north of the vibrant city of Valencia and a mere 10 kilometers from Sagunto and the golden beaches of the Mediterranean, lies this exquisite culinary treasure: a grand restaurant whose fame is only overshadowed by the presence of the imposing Garbí, at the heart of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park.

With a history spanning over half a century of culinary excellence, this establishment enjoys a renowned status throughout the region, recognized as a hub of gastronomy and social events. Its roots entrenched in tradition and quality have forged an unparalleled reputation, distinguishing it as a top destination for special occasions such as banquets and weddings.

The building stands on a vast urban plot of 7,861 square meters, with a total construction of 1,949 square meters. This multifaceted space unfolds in a combination of areas dedicated to hospitality and leisure, including sports facilities and other purposes, offering great business versatility.

The interiors, functionally designed, can comfortably accommodate up to 750 guests, with the potential for expansion to 1,000 through minor renovations. Its various lounges, pub area with terrace, and complementary outdoor dining areas, particularly attractive in the spring, summer, and fall months, provide an ideal environment for culinary indulgence and social celebration. Additionally, with approximately 58 parking spaces, customer convenience is ensured from the moment they arrive.

The gardens and terraces offer a perfect setting for outdoor events, both during the day and into the evening, while recreational facilities add a playful touch to the overall experience, with the possibility of including three or four paddle tennis courts next to the pool and terrace-bar area.

The true culinary star of this establishment is its famous paellas, masterfully crafted over the heat of pine wood, imparting an incomparable flavor that has captivated customers and critics alike. This dedication to gastronomic excellence has earned the restaurant a prominent place in the mainstream media and a loyal clientele that returns time and again in search of that unforgettable experience of authenticity and flavor.

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  • Surface: 1949 m²
  • Bathrooms: 3

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